Big News!

I am more than overjoyed to announce that after my agent, Michelle Johnson of Corvisiero Literary Agency signed my co-author Emily Faith and I for book one, Wild Hyacinthe, of our new Paranormal Romance series, we have already received two full manuscript requests from publishers! Please visit my new Books page for details and check out Emily Faith on the page I’ve set up here, as well. Squeeeeeee!!!!!

In the meantime, I would like to give you a bit of an intro to Emily, as well as our relationship as writing partners and friends-so-close-we-might-as-well-be-family.

She has Cullen-eyes. Do you see it? Musta ate a mountain lion.

Emily and I met through mutual friends and quickly realized we had a few things in common: love of tattoos, love of music, the trials and triumphs of parenting children, and a fantastic ability to make each other snot coffee out of our noses while bursting into ridiculous fits of laughter. Emily is a mother of four children plus two that have already moved out, and a devoted wife and postal employee.

We have a few favorite pasttimes together, including forcing each other to cook with bizarre ingredients like on the Food Network’s Chopped, and thoroughly critiquing books we’ve read verbally. We also absolutely love to kill zombies on Call of Duty and chase our kids around until they scream. Sometimes, we drink far too much coffee. When it’s cold, we are crabby as hell. But we spend the majority of our time laughing and making fun of all the beautiful moments of irony, humor, and ridiculousness that life has to offer.

In 2011, we lost a mutual friend. We had kicked around story ideas for quite some time and wanted to craft a paranormal romance, and when the idea came to us to structure the story somewhat in honor of that friend and somewhat simply because the idea was awesome, we jumped on it and scratched it down. Hours of pencil and paper later, we began plugging it into the computer and realized, “Hey, we have one hell of a story here!”

So we began to string it out in our usual process of editing material: passing emails back and forth, drinking truckloads of coffee, and often acting out the dialogue of scenes to get it just right.

Now, Wild Hyacinthe is represented by Michelle Johnson of Corvisiero Literary Agency and out on submission to some darn cool publishers. It’s truly the dream we never hoped to dream. The story is both dark and bright, both happy and bittersweet, and full of tension you won’t want to miss. And I’m the luckiest one in the bunch, because my writing partner is super creative and freaking awesome and we have the best agent we could ask for.

I can’t wait to keep you posted on the progress of Wild Hyacinthe and all the exciting projects Emily Faith and I will embark upon in the future. Thanks so much for reading, and your comments, as always, are welcome!

Nola Sarina and Emily Faith

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