Magic connection

The thing about magic is that its not really magical at all.

Making that magical connection requires work, attention to detail and caution in all areas of life.

I made a magical connection with my husband. It’s true love, the sappy bullshit we try to leave out of adult fiction because it’s never as perfect as the fairy tales make it seem. That connection takes work, too, in the form of pursuit, commitment, maintenance and attention to the little things, while practicing mature problem-solving for the big things. The good times feel magical and the hard times feel like work. Being married is every bit as much something you continually do as something you have become.

The same holds true for commitments like work and school. If you slack off, fail to pursue aggressively or refuse to dedicate time to either, the endeavors will fail. It is not a matter of wanting that paycheque or degree badly enough, it is a matter of taking active steps to obtain it.

I could make the same argument for weight loss, for conflict resolution, for an audition or for raising a healthy, well-grounded adult from childhood. You will only see as much result and reward as the effort you put forth.

My writing brings me to this conclusion today, as I have sent out more query letters and continued to expand my network on Twitter (naomisarah1 by the way). I poured my soul, hour after exhausted hour into my books over the last year and have spent countless nights perfecting that damned pitch letter. Attending the Writers Guild of Alberta conference last week granted me the best connections thus far, yet it occurs to me that this is still not enough.

But what is left to do? More queries, obviously and more connecting. Perhaps cold-calls to agencies, to ask if they are accepting query letters from unpublished authors. More research on more agencies, publishers and another week of nights spent immersed in editing.

I love what I do. Writing makes me a healthier person. I have the natural gifts to succeed and the dedication to pursue the goal of becoming published with all of my being. But passivity will gain me no ground, neither will wallowing in defeat as I anticipate the rejections tumbling in one at a time.

Today, I want to make that magical connection that will gain me ground toward my goals. And I will seek that connection day after day until it happens, at which point the real work will begin. My dreams are reachable because my work ethic is relentless.

Besides… Every agent who passes my book by is missing out on one fucking amazing story.

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