Nothin’ to Complain About

I am so absolutely pumped about life, these days. My kids are healthy (and difficult, but that shows their strengths no matter how many times I’m in that principal’s office), I have a blast with my supportive friends and family, and the support of a fantastic literary agency. I seriously cannot complain.

I’m always grateful when I have healthy friends and family, food in our fridge and a roof over our heads. To be able to have more than that is simply astounding, and I know it is simply the value of hard work paying off. I don’t walk around with the attitude that the world owes me anything, as so many people I know walk around with, and perhaps that’s why I encounter good fortune: because I embrace hardship and Karma as it comes my way. We each only get what we deserve, and if I deserve the wonderful things I have lately, then I think I have reason to be confident in myself.

This might not be the most organized, captivating or even interesting blog post I’ve made, but it’s simply my thoughts and here’s where I write them. I have too many blessings to list, from the generosity of all my parents and the friends I call family to the clothes on my back thanks to my hardworking husband. So I’ll work hard again tomorrow, for a brighter future for us all, and with the hope that someday I’ll be able to give back and pay forward the generosity I’ve received this year.

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