Stalker Central: Links I Follow

I have a LOT of favorite websites. Authors are stereotypically glued to their computers, and I’m no exception. One of these days I’ll put my chair on a diet and stop allowing it to devour my ass, but for now, here are some sites I frequent regularly with awesome content for readers/fans of dark fantasy, paranormal, horror, and new adult fiction!

First: I wouldn’t be where I am with my fiction career without the amazing help of my agent, Michelle Johnson of Inklings Literary Agency.

My Co-Author for Wild Hyacinthe, Emily Faith, is a woman full of awesome, too, and her endless support and friendship means the absolute world to me!

Cuz I love Maryse’s Book Blog: – Maryse tells you what’s hot to follow – links, videos, book reviews, and even giveaways, Maryse’s Book Blog is the first stop to satisfying your Urban Fantasy addiction!

While you’re browsing Maryse, here’s a music playlist for you to check out! Rise of the Lycans is my favorite Underworld movie, and as I’m a raging fan of Underworld, you should listen to this. Cuz I said so. Rise of the Lycans

Did you know that I interviewed Jacqueline Carey? I did, for New Stories, Old Book – the blog I run with two literary agents about all things related to spiritual/religious influence in fiction. #Fangirl. #Squee. #HashtaggingWhereHashtagsDon’tBelong.

Her Webpage is always full of interesting stuff, too.

Since you’re undoubtedly like, hey, that Nola chick does some seriously cool interviews, you should probably check out this one too: Kelley Armstrong. #DoubleSquee #FangirlAgain #Can’tStopHashtagging #SomebodyHelpMe

Whaddya know, I have the link to her Webpage, too:

A. Meredith Walters is a serious pioneer in New Adult fiction. Check out her Facebook page, buy some of her books and learn what New Adult is all about, and why it’s important!

Cora Carmack made a huge splash with her New Adult fiction novel Losing It. Her blog has some awesomeness and awesome awkwardness, too!

This guy: is Robb Grindstaff. He’s one of the literary fiction authors I admire most. Hannah’s Voice is a wicked cool novel that anyone, writer or not, can learn a hell of a lot from.

Paranormal Reads is a fantastic Facebook page with so much to do with paranormal and urban fantasy books, it’ll blow your mind! Click here to have your mind blown.

One of my good friends and critique partners, another author by the name of Rebecca Yarros, keeps an award-winning blog full of humor and tears about life as a military wife and author. Stop by for some unforgettable blog posts from Rebecca:

So much Underworld, so little time. Please check out these cool Gifs and Pics and Artistic creations about Underworld!

Karen Chance is a super cool author with some badass action you’ll never forget, if you check out her books. Also: Webpage is uber-funny.

Jamie is also awesome. Jamie is a literary agent at Inklings Literary Agency, and a woman I have mad respect for.

Entangled Publishing is another pioneer in the literary field: they’ve launched a New Adult line of fiction, and I have some serious respect for that. Stop by here to have a look at their super-cool fiction with some gorgeous covers.

To anyone I may have missed, please don’t hesitate to drop me a note and I’ll try to get your link up on here. Too many links for my little brain to hold all at once, so let me know if I missed you!

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