One Art Fuels Another

I don’t do a whole lot of writing technique posts, because aside from editing technical stuff, most of what I do with writing is a little bit instinctive. I often have a hard time describing my writing process to people because (and I think this is similar for many writers, but I’d love to hear your feedback on it) sometimes the inspiration hits me so hard and fast I just dive in, explode all over the paper, and catch my breath afterwards. Continue reading

Inklings! The Agents Who Support Us

Over the course of the last month, you might have noticed my profiles switch from Corvisiero Literary Agency to Inklings Literary Agency. I’ve received a lot of questions about the transition, so I wanted to answer some of those here and give you guys a chance to see what the shift involved for me. Continue reading

Chair-Based Back Pain

I don’t like to complain… but my back hurts.

I think a lot of authors feel my pain #cliche about this one.

I’ve been looking for workouts to help with my low-back stiffness and weakness that has shown up thanks to the chair-bound work that is writing. I found this video and wanted to share it – in place of the product used as yoga massage balls, I’m just using a rolled-up towel – or one of those foamy things would work well, too. Anything to give your pelvis a lift during that segment will work.

I’ll post an update on if it helps!