New Story In The Core!

Great news… ENTICED (The Core: Alice, #1) is now free on Amazon as well as other venues! Check it out for zero pennies if you haven’t yet. This is Alice’s spinoff story from The Core, and it’s a steamy story told in parts just like Andee’s story.

And if you’re enjoying the spicy hot action of the first in Alice’s story, we’ve got more spice for you in SEDUCED (The Core: Alice, #2)!

Seduced Continue reading

Coming Thursday… The Core #3: PULSE!

Emily Faith and I wanted to share with you the cover for the third instalment in THE CORE: PULSE! It’s coming out on Thursday, and we can’t wait to hear what you think of it. The Core is an anything-goes nightclub, and the central location for our series of no-shame sexual expression short stories. Continue reading

Quick, Dirty Reads and The End Of Slut Shaming

GUESS WHAT?!?! Ignite (The Core, #1) and ENTICED (The Core: Alice, #2) are both FREE on Amazon!!! Click the covers to get them now, and please, please share on Facebook and Twitter (that REALLY helps us out).

The Core 1 - Ignite

Enticed - Nola Sarina & Emily Faith

Last summer, Emily Faith and I took a long walk and talked about the erotica genre, and why we love it so much. That conversation sparked an idea in our heads, which immediately after became The Core. Continue reading