Day 6 of Yoga: Back On Track.

Alright, I’ll admit it. *headdesk* I fell off the boat and got ran over by the bus. Well, that’s a little bit dramatic. In truth, as my sickness intensified and my word count climbed, I focused on writing for the last few days, and I’m extremely pleased with the results… but on those days, I barely did any yoga. I did some … but not much. A few minutes each day.

So today, in order to get back on the boat/bus/bandwagon/dragon, I did twenty minutes of yoga on my own with no video guide. I wanted to really focus, to really feel my body work and concentrate on my breathing, so I shut down distractions (except for the 4-year-old, who is quiet enough in the living room that she didn’t bother me except to join in for a while) and stood in my yoga spot.

For the record, my yoga spot = my kitchen.

I don’t have a lot of yoga poses memorized, but part of the problem with following along on a video is you don’t have a lot of time to really process the poses and figure out how your body holds best in them, which muscles are engaged, where your breathing is. Also, glancing and craning to see a small laptop screen while trying to hold these theraputic poses isn’t the easiest task in the world, nor the most beneficial on the body and mind.

So I did some poses, but mostly just moved my body around, stretching what wanted to stretch, engaging what wanted to engage.

And I realized, as I moved about my kitchen in both proper yoga poses and made-up ones, that I had already learned a lot and knew a lot despite feeling distracted by the videos. I was able to move freely, yet incorporate much that I learned, and it felt great.

Day 6 of yoga: gaining some confidence and independence, back on track.


Day 2 of Yoga: Knocked to the Side, but Not Derailed

I had the best of intentions this morning when I got up – I planned to get my kids dressed and fed early so we had time to do a round of yoga. But my oldest kid got up and said she didn’t feel well, and when I got up, I felt it, too.

Thankfully, it’s just a round of cold-type symptoms and even more thankfully, it’s just me and her, for now, none of the other kids and not my husband. *whew.* Every mom knows how much it sucks when every kid in the house is ill.

As the day progressed, I read a really amazing book that I’ll post a review for at a later date. I relaxed a bit, did some dishes, cooked dinner… and in the late afternoon, it hit me. Continue reading

A Quote and Inspiring Photo

I saw this¬†photo on Einherjar the Vikings of Reykjavik’s FB Page, and it was so applicable to a quote in my book that I smashed them together. Enjoy!

“I whispered to her mind that I loved her, and that I wouldn’t be doing this if I didn’t love her as much as the sun ever loved the moon, though they had to rise on opposite sides of the Earth by the necessity of their guardianship over the night and day. Like the lunar and solar bodies, both of which graced us with their touch in our endless night by the moonlight and the Aurora Borealis, Desiree and I could no longer walk side by side. It was on different planes that we were damned to exist, despite our deepest desires to hold each other tightly forever.” – Book 4 of the Vesper Series: Steel Triumph

By Nola Sarina


The meanings of names

I had to make a tough decision about the characters of my books. The last name I had chosen proved to be far too common to be useful, and it struck me as ridiculous that I paid attention to the meanings of the first names but not the surnames. So, with planning to submit a manuscript tomorrow, the hunt for the perfect name was on.

Through the process of writing the trilogy and beyond, Ireene has helped me with all the names. Funny, when she needed help naming a cat she asked me to dig around online, but when I need character names I call upon her.

Names mean a lot to everybody, but we take this shit seriously. Just based on the sounds of your name you can learn a lot about your personality traits. For example, my name means Pleasant Princess in its Hebrew origins but if you break it down, it means so much more.

The N sound is nasal, negative and nasty, correctly implying that I lean toward being negative in my thought patterns and can be needy. The open sound of AO signifies that I’m a bit spacey and stuck in the clouds, with the M providing some motherly nurturing qualities and the I indicating a childlike approach to things. It also means that I can be irritating or irritable, insatiable and impatient.

Seeing a pattern here? There’s a lot more to it than that, but that is what I take from my own name and each person will interpret meanings differently. Moving on to my middle name, Sarah, I am sensual and seductive, randy, rowdy and ripe, with another spacey ending that also sounds like a satisfied sigh, “Aaahhh…”

So that is a bit about me based on my name. But with my characters, I get to select their last names as well. Ditching the old, far-too-overused surname, I selected Salvatici from the spewing list of awesome suggestions that I received VIA text from Ireene. Salvatici is derived from the word “savage”… And oh, how very fitting that is. It also sounds like Salvation, starts with an S to represent the serpentine, sexual nature of things and is a pure, 1400’s Italian name with a very important L and an equally critical V.

Levi Cirilo Salvatici. I like it.