The Magic of Series Fiction: House of Night

Emily Faith and I are LONG time fans of series fiction. In fact, I don’t think we’ve ever even talked about writing a book that wasn’t a series. The potential of every book to become a series is one we just can’t resist exploring.

Series fiction allows you to go REALLY deep into the characters. To get to know them over long periods of time without missing anything. The best example I can think of to demonstrate this is the HOUSE OF NIGHT series by P.C. & Kristin Cast.

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Coming Thursday… The Core #3: PULSE!

Emily Faith and I wanted to share with you the cover for the third instalment in THE CORE: PULSE! It’s coming out on Thursday, and we can’t wait to hear what you think of it. The Core is an anything-goes nightclub, and the central location for our series of no-shame sexual expression short stories. Continue reading

New Release! THE CORE: Ignite

I’m overjoyed today to share some sexy news with you all… Emily Faith and I have released the first in our new series of erotic short stories The Core! The first one is called Ignite, and it’s hot, and best of all, free on most venues.


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Cover Reveal: GILDED DESTINY (by… ME! OMG!)

OMG!!! Hahaha I’m so excited I could SQUEEE. Or cry. Possibly some jumping around and falling over in the process.

…Probably not the best way to start this post off.

Anyway, I’m beyond thrilled to announce the release date for my first Vesper Novella,GILDED DESTINY,which would not even exist if it weren’t for the amazing support of all you folks on here. You guys rock, seriously. I couldn’t ask for a more awesome group of readers, writers, and friends!

GILDED DESTINY will release in Ebook format on MAY 13! AHHH!

Without further ado (Hehehe I always wanted an excuse to say that!) Here it is!!! Continue reading