Ender’s Game: The Movie. Big Questions. Big Issue.

*Deeeeeeep breath* Sorry, guys. Gathering my courage. I don’t usually write about things with such a personal spin as this.
This is a hard one for me. I love Orson Scott Card’s fiction. In fact, I’ve loved his fiction for years… he’s one of my biggest influences in developing complex characters, and I adore the way he ties spirituality and religion and multiple languages into his fiction. But his views on sexuality discriminate against me personally for being something other than straight.
Didn’t know that about me? You do now. I’m bi-sexual. And it shouldn’t affect your opinion of my fiction. So am I any better of a person if I refuse to see the movie because of his views on sexuality? Or is it morally backwards of me to see the movie, knowing that he will use some of his profits and the influence of his name to try and beat down those of an orientation other than straight?The difference lies in that by supporting the fiction of someone with GLBT associations, you are supporting that particular author and genre. By supporting someone like OSC, you are supporting someone who spreads hatred based on sexual orientation, and it affects more than simply one author.Personally, I see him as a man with broad influence in fiction, and little power in real life. And I see the fight against equality as a futile one, and I know we’ll all be viewed as equals with equal rights eventually. But in the meantime, it sure SUCKS that my favorite childhood book has such ugly ties through its author, and it sure sucks that as a people, we’re narrow-minded enough for sexuality to matter at all.

Am I going to go see the movie? Probably not. Sorry, OSC, but spending money on someone who will use it to campaign against others and their personal expressions of love goes against everything I believe in. If he was simply straight and proud of it, I might make a different decision… but because he seeks to oppress those who are not straight, like me, I cannot financially support him.

Damn. I bet it’s gonna be a great movie. Thanks for ruining it with hatred, Card. I used to be one of his biggest fans, and now I’m nothing but disappointed in him.