WHOOPS! My bad.


I had a major error with Amazon this week! When I posted before about the release of Gilded Destiny, you were likely brought to a dead link. The link is now live and in action, and I’d so appreciate if you’d check it out – I put the price down to $.99 to apologize for the delay. Thanks for your patience with me! Also… here are some additional giveaway details!

I’m giving away a $50 iTunes giftcard with the blog tour for Gilded Destiny, so click here to enter! If you subscribe above, you can earn ten additional entries in the giveaway.

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In addition, I have a giveaway for a signed paperback copy of Gilded Destiny going on over at my Goodreads page for the book. Do check it out if you get a chance. The image shows the old book cover, but I actually only have the new book cover in stock so that’s the one you’ll get. 😀

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000035_00008]

Calli’s memory returns when she falls in love with the monster who took it from her. Nycholas, a deadly, serpentine Vesper on the run from his brutal master, wants one thing before his final darkness falls:
Calli, for three nights.

My deepest apologies for the hiccup with Amazon! Everything should be available now on all platforms, so if you have any difficulty with purchase, please just let me know.

Many Faces of UNDERWORLD

I’m just gonna say it.

I <3 Underworld.

I love it. I love the good guys, the bad guys, the clothing and the plots… Underworld seriously took Vampires and Werewolves to a whole new level. For example: the vampires have fangs and eyes that glow bright blue, but only when provoked to anger or feeding. And the werewolves – called Lycans – Continue reading