Teaser of JADED TOUCH – The second Vesper novella!

I am so excited today to share the teaser for JADED TOUCH, the second Vesper novella, in honor of reaching 1000 Likes on my Facebook Page!!

I almost laughed, but pulled my hand back. “We don’t do this.”


“Vespers. We don’t… do things like this.” Continue reading

IT BEGINS! Tour, and Last Day For Galley Giveaway!

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Gilded Destiny

by Nola Sarina

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OMG. :-D!

My blog tour for Gilded Destiny release kicked off yesterday! I’m SO freaking excited hehehe!!! Please drop by my amazing coordinator TheBookEnthusiast’s page to see the full schedule, and follow along. All the blogs on the tour are absolutely amazing, and I’m so grateful for the incredible participation. Yesterday’s stop, Phenomenal Paranormal Reads, even included a new excerpt you won’t want to miss! (Hint: It’s the one where Nycholas first shows up. Spoooooooky.)

And today I’m interviewed on Book Addict Mumma’s blog, where she gives me an AMAZING 4 stars! 😀 I’m always so honored when reviewers give such a positive rating. Check it out here!

It is the last day of my Goodreads Giveaway for 10 galley copies of Gilded Destiny, too. Please do sign up if you haven’t yet and feel free to spread around the word! All you have to do is fill out your address and add the novella to your Goodreads to-read shelf, and you’re in. This is the last pre-release giveaway for the novella, since all the review ARCs are out already (and OMG you guys have been freaking AMAZING with the reviews and I <3 you all I could squish you!).

Also, today I am over on New Stories, Old Book blog talking about symbols of power in fiction, including Samson’s Hair and TRANSFORMERS. Yeah, it’s like that! MORE THAN MEETS THE EEYYYEEEE! Hehehe.

Also! On the blog tour, I’d like to invite you to join me at BittenByBooks for an all-day blog stop! This blog stop will include a giveaway of a Black Goldstone Bracelet and a $25 Amazon Gift Card. RSVP here!

Reveal: The GILDED DESTINY Playlist!


Forgive me for the image, but…

SQUEEE!!! We made it up to 400 Likes over on my Facebook Page! You guys are the best, seriously. Be sure to make it to the bottom of the list to read the two opening paragraphs of the novella!

I’m also bouncing with excitement because GILDED DESTINY has been added to some to-read bookshelves on it’s Goodreads Page, and is getting awesome five-star reviews from advance reviewers! I can’t believe the amazing reception the novella is getting, and I could never have expected such enthusiasm from readers. Please do stop by the Goodreads Page for GILDED DESTINY and add it to your to-read shelf!

 I’m so thrilled that you’re interested in GILDED DESTINY, and in celebration of the Like landmark, I’m revealing the Playlist for GILDED DESTINY complete with quotes from the book! Here you get a glimpse of Calli and Nycholas – the characters chosen by you – and their interaction as tensions heat up and danger looms.

YouTube let me post the quotes, but you have to be looking at the page of the Playlist in order to read them, so I listed them all here with song names for your ease of reading. Please enjoy some of the songs that shaped the mood of the scenes, and I hope you’re getting as excited as I am – just over a month until GILDED DESTINY releases on May 13th!

Here we go… here’s the Playlist!

Imagine Dragons: Radioactive

“Bad was his nature… every bit as much as love was his nature.” -Calli

Whitehorse: Devil’s Got A Gun

“A mortal like me couldn’t run fast enough to escape the brutal hand of the Vesper Master twice.” -Calli

FallOut Boy: Light ‘Em Up

“I stared, awed and stunned, and some other feeling in my body – a deep, traitorous feeling – overwhelmed my fear.” -Calli

Jordan Cook: Black Eyes

“Boring into my gaze were eyes of solid black, no whites to be seen behind the irises…” -Calli

Evanescence: Lithium

“‘You never met me,’ he insisted. Then he said something else, but though I obeyed him, I couldn’t remember what he said, because I’d never met him.” -Calli

Three Days Grace: Animal I Have Become

“A moment later, the air around the stranger cleared and my friend was gone. Gone. Fucking gone. Eaten… by a creature that looked much like a man.” -Calli

Trapt: Headstrong

“I’m the type of girl that gets excited by things I shouldn’t know, or shouldn’t do.” -Calli

Foster The People: Pumped Up Kicks

“Why did you come back tonight?”  “You’ll run away, if I tell you that.” -Calli, then Nycholas

Godsmack: I Stand Alone

“You take me nowhere. If the master wants me, he comes for me himself.” -Nycholas

Havana Brown: We Run The Night

“The horn of the train sounded and the darkness around me slithered, so I tried to forget everything but the iron arms holding me tight.” -Calli

Cheap Trick: I Want You To Want Me

“Hell yeah, I was watching him, holy shit! Take those off, dammit! He was as glorious naked as clothed, and more so.” -Calli

Rihanna Feat. Mikki Ekko: Stay

“Nycholas shook his head and pressed his thumbs harder into my inner thighs. ‘Please don’t say no.'” -Nycholas, with Calli.

Rihanna Feat. Calvin Harris: We Found Love

“I knew he could kill me… but I couldn’t bring myself to say no.” -Calli

David Guetta Feat. Sia: Titanium

“God, such intoxicating steel…” -Calli

Beyonce: Halo

“Like feather-tipped razor blades, so sharp and lethal, so soft and comforting, familiar and soothing and hurting and Oh…” -Calli

P!nk Feat that dude from Fun: Just Give Me A Reason

“How will she love me again if she hates what I am?” -Nycholas

Jordan Cook: Electric Love

“I pushed beyond the border of his lips, tasted the electric tang of his poison, and blackness swirled in around the edges of my vision.” -Calli

Jordan Cook: Break The Chain

“Some days, Levi wondered if he’d trade it all for the chance to die and be done with the hell of living as a serpent slave.” -Levi

Bush: Glycerine

“I had questions. So many questions. But they would have to wait, because it was far more important to my body and soul that I get naked NOW.” -Calli

Alicia Keys: No One

“I was his. Forever his, whether I knew it or not, whether he permitted me to remember him or not.” -Calli

Maroon 5: Daylight

“He counted moons in the sky for me, I could keep vigil with him and count the breaths on his last sleep before his eternal night.” -Calli

Alex Clare: Up All Night

“I just let him talk to me as the sun disappeared and the red glow of nightfall faded to black.” -Calli

Ozzy Osbourne: Crazy Train

“A hatch on the top of the train opened and out crawled the Vespers… they surrounded Nycholas.” -Calli

Powerman 5000: When Worlds Collide

“The one thing I feared most – hostile Vespers – were undoubtedly chasing me from behind.” -Calli

The Smashing Pumpkins: Disarm

“I sank to the step, took one deep breath to calm my slamming heart, and then I shattered and completely hit bottom.” -Calli

Evanescence: My Immortal

“The warmth of leather lingered in my nostrils, but the steel was gone, and the material felt hard… not like silk, not like Nycholas.” -Calli

Alex Clare: Relax My Beloved

“I soothed my thoughts with a fantasy that I was surrounded by the chill of Vesper breath.” -Calli

Simple Plan: Untitled

“She was healthy, neither too plump nor thin, but I was wasting away.” -Calli

Muse: Undisclosed Desires

“I hope he keeps his promise.” -Calli

Muse: Uprising

“Hello, Vesper. I’d like to meet you tonight.” -?

I can’t give away who speaks the last quote, or those that are familiar with the storyline of one of my other works will be TOTALLY SPOILED!!!

What do you think of the songs?? It really has a mix of the music I listen to, because I channel-hop in my truck between the pop stations, the 80’s-90’s stations and rock stations. Jordan Cook is one of the more unique artists on there – I saw him open for Theory Of A Deadman, and he seriously plays a drum and guitar at the same time while singing. SERIOUSLY! He’s amazing, and I’m a total #fangirl of his music. He even almost set the stage on fire when his amp blew up while he played. #mindblown

As promised… the two opening paragraphs of GILDED DESTINY!!!

Nycholas didn’t mean to condemn me to death, I knew. He never meant to do the bad things that he did. Bad was his nature… every bit as much as love was his nature. But he was a doomed immortal from the moment I met him. Though forgetting him might have saved my life, I loved him too much to do so. And a mortal like me couldn’t run fast enough to escape the brutal hand of the Vesper master twice, no matter how hard I tried.

I couldn’t save Nycholas. But at least I brought some fleeting joy into his life before he died, and at least I saved one innocent to cast color upon the shadows in the future. She wouldn’t spend her life hiding and running, weak and afraid. She’d face things with strength and throw light into the darkness that ruined my only love.

Tell me what you think! I hope you like the quotes – tough to not spoil anything with thirty quotes! 😀 But thank you all so much for your support… I could not be more grateful or excited for all the enthusiasm over the recent weeks.

Counting down from just over a month now! *SQUEEE!*